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The leaders of tomorrow will not be raised up within the masses of crowds, but through life-on-life mentoring relationships. For today's youth their success is often only one caring adult away. We must see beyond ourselves and ask the question; Who can I help elevate today?”

— Mickey Smith Jr.

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See Yourself Beyond Yourself

As an award-winning and inspirational educator, musician, author, and speaker Mickey Smith Jr. empowers, encourages, as well as educates with a message of faith, hope and love.  He uses his unique skill-set and expertise to impart practical life and leadership tools that help equip leaders, teachers, parents, and youth navigate through life with a heightened purpose, potential and passion helping you to See Yourself Beyond Yourself.

With a powerful presentation and significant social media presence, the message of this educator, music, author, speaker, and GRAMMY Finalist is traveling fast, and there is no sign of it slowing down. The B.A.N.D. MAN named Mickey Smith Jr. is more than what meets the eye. Smith shares his personal story of persistence as well as his gifts and talents across the nation inspiring and educating his audiences with a unique blend of his high energy, positive and encouraging musings and music. Mickey shares an eternal message of Faith, Hope, and Love packaged in a medium of music that educates, entertains, and elevates everyone to excellence. Mickey Smith Jr. continues to be the ultimate B.A.N.D. MAN and his mission is simple, helping you to See Yourself Beyond Yourself and helping the world B.A.N.D. TOGETHER by…. 

B: Being your best 

A: Aiming for success 

N: Never settling for less than your best and 

D: Demanding Excellence in yourself and your inner circle. 

Using his personal experiences, he is able to pass on the tools that continue to help him reach new levels of success. As a music school drop-out, Mickey, was from an overnight music success, but his determination and grit have caused him to become a premier figure in the music and education world. After much time Mickey now sees clearly that his message has resonance with others, and how he’s taking residence in the hearts and minds of people all across the country. He has been privileged to be mentored by one of the greatest motivational speakers in the world, Eric Thomas of Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC and the president of the company, CJ Quinney. As CEO of his consulting firm, Mickey Smith Jr., LLC., Mickey Smith Jr. is expanding his reach by entertaining, educating, and elevating everyone to excellence. Helping you discover your instrument, by discovering your why and seeing yourself beyond yourself…SYBY.

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